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Crita con la erre ben marcata

Crita con la erre ben marcata






CRITA - with the well-marked r that cannot be more Sicilian - like clay that becomes an indispensable raw material for our creations, like the land that saw us born, like Sicily that made you fall in love. This dream was born from the idea of ​​a group of friends, Davide and Livio, Sicilian by birth, and Matthias, Austrian by birth but Sicilian by love. Crita comes to life from our desire to experiment with new aesthetic forms anchoring us to the tradition of a city whose name alone has the power to evoke lathes, glazed ceramics, bright colors, sinuous lines and Moor's heads: Caltagirone. Precisely the millenary mastery in forging living and evocative objects, which in Caltagirone can be breathed in every alley of the city, is the basis of every single piece we give life to. Our goal is to bring a more cosmopolitan and contemporary vision, enriching tradition, if possible, with our globetrotting experiences. We have done without frills, to emphasize the shapes, colors and essence of these artifacts. As if the Sicilian Baroque spirit and the restless soul of this south wanted to meet and merge with the linearity and simplicity of the north, in a collective embrace with Europe, its history and its peoples.



An ancient lady who stands out between the earth and the clouds, wise of a millenary history that has forged its appearance and character. On three hills stands Caltagirone, bowels made of clay that Greeks and Arabs were able to make the most of to give life to what is now universally known as one of the most important ceramic centers in Italy. A story, that of Caltagirone ceramics, which over the centuries has become a tradition but which to become such, has innovated and drawn from that wonderful melting pot of cultures and experiences that has been Sicily over the centuries. A little Greek, a little Arab, Byzantine why not, Spanish at times, but deeply Sicilian and Caltagirone this ceramic. It was in fact the artisan visonari of this city, with their creativity and mastery - blending, risking and becoming masters of the material - to give life to this extraordinary cultural heritage that today represents the Caltagirone ceramics. And since this perpetual flow of change and fusion has never ceased, Crita proposes her own personal vision of terracotta. A declaration of love made of clay.