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Macchiato MugMacchiato Mug
Macchiato Mug Sale price$41.00
Orroli PlacematOrroli Placemat
Orroli Placemat Sale price$17.00
Macchiato MugMacchiato Mug
Macchiato Mug Sale price$41.00
Bon Appetit PlacematBon Appetit Placemat
Bon Appetit Placemat Sale price$22.00
Sold out
Puglia Dishcloth
Puglia Dishcloth Sale price$27.00
Bon Appetit DishclothBon Appetit Dishcloth
Bon Appetit Dishcloth Sale price$24.00 Regular price$30.00
Doudou Linen DishclothDoudou Linen Dishcloth
Doudou Linen Dishcloth Sale price$27.00
Drapeau DishclothDrapeau Dishcloth
Drapeau Dishcloth Sale price$27.00
Macchiato PlateMacchiato Plate
Macchiato Plate Sale priceFrom $15.00
Piano DishclothPiano Dishcloth
Piano Dishcloth Sale price$27.00 Regular price$28.00
Epi DishclothEpi Dishcloth
Epi Dishcloth Sale price$15.00
Sahara PlateSahara Plate
Sahara Plate Sale priceFrom $30.00
Sahara GlassSahara Glass
Sahara Glass Sale price$21.00
Napkins LC Atelier (Pre-order)Napkins LC Atelier (Pre-order)
Plate set LC Atelier (Pre-order)Plate set LC Atelier (Pre-order)
Bread LC Atelier (Pre-order)Bread LC Atelier (Pre-order)
Underplate LC Atelier (Pre-order)Underplate LC Atelier (Pre-order)
Tablecloth LC Atelier (Pre-order)Tablecloth LC Atelier (Pre-order)
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Giano PlateGiano Plate
Giano Plate Sale price$30.00
Isola DishclothIsola Dishcloth
Isola Dishcloth Sale priceFrom $15.00
Giano BowlGiano Bowl
Giano Bowl Sale price$42.00
Cotton pot holder (Set of 2)Cotton pot holder (Set of 2)
Cotton pot holder (Set of 2) Sale price$15.00 Regular price$18.00
Waffle DishclothWaffle Dishcloth
Waffle Dishcloth Sale price$15.00 Regular price$18.00
Bowl GitaneBowl Gitane
Bowl Gitane Sale priceFrom $22.00
Pom Pom BasketPom Pom Basket
Pom Pom Basket Sale price$86.00
Reed BasketReed Basket
Reed Basket Sale price$54.00
Bowl GothicBowl Gothic
Bowl Gothic Sale price$24.00
Walnut Cutting BoardWalnut Cutting Board
Walnut Cutting Board Sale priceFrom $86.00
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Marrakech MugMarrakech Mug
Marrakech Mug Sale price$12.00 Regular price$15.00
Provence DishclothProvence Dishcloth
Provence Dishcloth Sale price$12.00
Plate SulilPlate Sulil
Plate Sulil Sale priceFrom $30.00
Majorelle PlateMajorelle Plate
Majorelle Plate Sale priceFrom $24.00
Majorelle GlassMajorelle Glass
Majorelle Glass Sale price$22.00
Cake Stand SafiCake Stand Safi
Cake Stand Safi Sale price$66.00
Pitcher RajaPitcher Raja
Pitcher Raja Sale price$69.00
Glass RajaGlass Raja
Glass Raja Sale price$29.00
Raja Sugar BowlRaja Sugar Bowl
Raja Sugar Bowl Sale price$43.00
Espresso Cup RajaEspresso Cup Raja
Espresso Cup Raja Sale price$34.00
Jar SaharaJar Sahara
Jar Sahara Sale price$29.00
Bowl RajaBowl Raja
Bowl Raja Sale price$34.00
Piattino RajaPiattino Raja
Piattino Raja Sale priceFrom $48.00
Rafia Placemats (Set of 4)Rafia Placemats (Set of 4)
Tajine Spice Tajine Spice
Tajine Spice Sale price$27.00
Linen PlacematLinen Placemat
Linen Placemat Sale price$27.00
Linen Napkins (Set of 2)Linen Napkins (Set of 2)
Linen Napkins (Set of 2) Sale price$29.00