Bird's Eye Wall Decoration


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Bird's Eye hand woven wall decoration

This hand woven wall decoration is designed and handmade on a loom by Studio Potato in Turkey. As seen in the photo, it will come with its special wooden dowel made from colored beech.

Studio Potato brings a fresh look to the traditional rugs of Anatolia. Combining classic and sustainable weaving techniques with modern design, SP aims to honor ancient technique.
Technique is important. Anatolia is a land where great stories of heroic deeds and love have been transferred to rugs and kilims through the millennia. However, with the rise of mass production, machine-woven rugs have gained popularity and the art is slowly disappearing. Studio Potato believes that sustaining this art with modern design is critical to the sustainability of the industry. They work with women artisans all over Turkey so that the story will live on. Nature matters most. Using natural dyes made from vegetables and spices, they produce unique, healthy and nature-friendly kilims.

Have you heard of the "Slow Movement?" Slow is good, slow means love. SP products are woven with pleasure and without haste. Enjoy the good vibes that come with it! Your SP item is handmade and produced in a limited series. Only a unique number of people have the same item you own, which makes the piece a little more special to you!

Please note that there may be slight differences with the product you purchase, as all of our products are handmade.


Size: 50 cm x 22 cm

Material: Wool, Cotton, Beech Wood

Handmade in Turkey