Grès Ladle Holder


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Kitchen ladle holder.

Fireclay kitchen utensil holder hand molded in France in perfect New Mediterranean style. The utensil holder is available in two varieties:

Grès Maïs: it is enameled on the inside, while the outside is raw clay.

Grès Blanc Chamotté: it is entirely made of raw clay without enamel.

It will bring to your kitchen that joyful feeling of warmth typical of the Mediterranean. Available in two sizes.

Due to the handmade nature of the product, small variations in color, size and shape may occur.


Material: Fireclay

Dimensions: Grès Maïs 7cm x H 13cm, Grès Blanc Chamotté 8cm x H 13cm,  Marron 11cm x H 17cm

Handmade in France