Marie's Vase


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Marie's Vase

A hand-designed stoneware ceramic vase made using the traditional coil over coil technique. The vase is glazed with matte white paint. This piece is unique and 100% handmade and may show minor imperfections.

Pieces that unite us with nature and the beauty of craftsmanship as all are created with traditional techniques, hand glazed and fired in house with artist's kiln. Handmade pottery with unique pieces that are perfectly imperfect in terms of shapes, textures and colors.

Catalina designs and creates colorful works of art with clay, simplicity and fun through seasonal collections.

PRE-ORDER - Handmade for you in 30 days from the time of order.


Dimensions: ø 15 cm x H 25 cm
Material: White clay

Handmade in Spain