Interior Decoration

We offer to B2B and B2C clients the service of Interior Decoration Consulting, with tailor-made projects to decorate private homes or accommodation facilities, such as hotels or restaurants, in perfect Mediterranean style.Mediteránea is the key to Mediterranean living.

What we do

Once the interiors are finished and the furnishings are completed, we often feel the space is still not ours, not personalized. Often randomly chosen objects could be in contrast with the work done by Architects and interior designers. Mediteránea offers the interior decoration service, helping you to choose the most suitable Home Decor products for your interior and offering you the customization service. 

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We support Architecture and Interior Design studios in the post-project phase. Together with our craftsmen we realize ad hoc collections that respect the concept of the project and the desires of the customers. 


We help the customer to customize their home, to choose the right products to make the house a comfortable environment and representative of the personalities of the owners. 


We do custom Interior Decoration projects. Researching the products that best match the interior and the needs of the guests. it is possible, through our network of artisans and our designs, to create unique collections customized for the structure. 


We help restaurants give their guests a unique experience by creating collections customized to their needs. 

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