Milan Design Week 23

LC Atelier x Mediteranea

LC Atelier and Mediteranea, led by architect Lucrezia Calvi and interior designer Valentina Spano respectively, are presenting a refined capsule collection for the table at Milan Design Week 23. The collaborative collection between the two brands consists of a set of terracotta plates handcrafted in Puglia and refined subplates and bread saucers in marqueterie de paille, an ancient French finishing technique. The plates with their minimalist design use the most representative material of the Mediterranean, terracotta. For the under plates and the bread saucer, we opted for an exclusive execution in straw marquetry, an ancient French technique little known to the general public. This capsule collection in collaboration between LC Atelier and Mediteranea presents a unique know-how given by the ennoblement of natural materials sublimated by the precious hands of the craftsmen.


The plates with their minimalist design use the most representative material of the Mediterranean, terracotta.

Marqueterie de paille

More unusual than wood marquetry, it consists in covering objects with rye straw veneers.


Terracotta linen tablecloth and napkins for a natural and textured effect.

The designers

LC Atelier

LCatelier is an Interior Architecture reality led by young professionals sharing the goal of developing high-profile projects with a meticulous attention to details. The choice of naming the company as an “atelier” comes from the approach to a specific analysis and customised research dedicated to each one of our clients.
We address every project with a deep understanding of the location we are working on, aiming to respect the original site by enhancing its primary beauty through the development of a new concept permeated with timeless value.
We always keep an open line of constant and productive communication with our clients who are always the core focus of our attention – we aim to create and develop trust relationships following each individual throughout the entire process of choices and selection of every single detail.

We believe in the importance of collaborating with local craftsmanship, carrying techniques and methods that have been transmitted through generations; together with the use of local materials and features which embody the values LCatelier stands up for.

Our commitment and promise is to always create a space able to share emotions and deep feelings that would always match our clients identity and desires.


Mediteranea was founded in 2021 by Valentina Spano.

Valentina Spano, born in 1989, graduated in Interior Design at IED in 2011. She immediately started working alongside Vincenzo Dascanio in the luxury events sector as a designer and producer.
She gained experience in interior design by following the development of the Frette At Home by Frette collection by identifying trends and defining the brand's style. After the experience in the product she approached the work of purchase first for and then for In 2021, driven by her passion for the Mediterranean and interior design, she founded Mediteránea with the aim of exporting the value of the Mediterranean home to the world in search of handmade home decor and lifestyle products.

Our brand is an invitation to slow down, awaken your senses and reconnect with simplicity. From our expeditions to the most fascinating Mediterranean destinations, we design unique handmade products for your mind, body and soul.