Gifts for the Homebody

Indulge the homebody in your life with thoughtful gifts that transform their living space into a haven of comfort and style. Whether they revel in quiet evenings with a book, cosy moments by the fire, or the simple joy of sipping a warm beverage, our curated selection is designed to enhance the art of living at home. Discover the perfect gifts that speak to the heart and soul of the home body, adding warmth and luxury to every corner.

Alaya Blanket

Wrap them in luxury with the Alaya Blanket, a lightweight blend of linen and cotton. With side bangs and available in taupe and mustard, this soft blanket is an ideal companion for chilly evenings, making their home a cocoon of comfort.

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Maria Carmen Cushion Cover

Envelop your home in warmth with the Maria Carmen Cushion Cover. Handcrafted from Boucle wool in Italy, its beige and brown textured shades add a touch of cosiness to any sofa or bed. A perfect accent for those seeking comfort and style.

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Nene Mug

Elevate their coffee moments with the Nene Mug, a small terracotta mug handcrafted in Italy. Its cream white base with brown patterns, reminiscent of paint splashes, adds an artistic flair to their favourite hot beverages.

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Gitane Cushion Cover

Embrace the charm of the Gitane Cushion Cover, a delightful creation handmade in Italy. Crafted from Italian wool, its brown and black stripes bring a touch of sophistication. Ideal for the homebody who appreciates a blend of warmth and contemporary design.

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Sahara Candle Holder

Illuminate your cosy space with the Sahara candle holder. This authentic handcrafted candlestick is made in the tradition of Berber ceramics. With an organic shape and textured finish, this treasure of Moroccan craftsmanship adds a touch of earthy elegance to any space. Perfect for creating a serene atmosphere during evenings at home.

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Discover these handcrafted gifts that celebrate the joy of home, designed for those who find comfort in the beauty of their living spaces. Each article is a testament to the art of slow living and the perfect way to express your love for the “homebody” of your life. Visit the Mediteránea store to find more holiday gifts!

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