Manisante Candle

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Fragrance: Fig Leaf

Handcrafted scented candle, hand poured using 100% vegetable wax.
This is a vegan product formulated with natural products, without parabens, silicones or dyes. It has not been tested on animals and is packaged in recyclable containers and eco-friendly packaging.

Mediteránea chose Manisante as a partner for body care and fragrances because it celebrates skin care as a holistic ritual experience that involves all the senses and reconnects us with nature. Manisante works with ingredients that nourish and purify the soul.

Fig leaf: Fig, almond milk, chlorophyll, galbanum, tonka bean, cedar
Geranium: Geranium leaves, bergamot, mandarin, geranium flower, minty touches
Java Vetiver: Grapefruit, neroli, geranium, Java vetiver and musk

200 gr

Produced in Italy

Tote Bag Offert
For any order over 100€, receive a Mediteranea canvas tote bag.

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