Riccio Bowl

Sale price$74.00
Color: Black
Size: Small

Immerse yourself in the artisanal enchantment of Morocco with our Riccio Bowl, a handcrafted masterpiece that brings art and tradition directly into your home. This exclusive cup is the result of the expert work of Mediterranean artisans, who dedicate passion and skill to create a one-of-a-kind object.

Each cup is handcrafted with care and dedication by Moroccan artisans, bringing with it centuries of artisan tradition.

The hedgehog shape of this item not only adds a touch of originality to your home, but also a sense of exotic charm. It is a perfect decorative element for any environment.

Made from high-quality materials, this cup is made from natural materials that reflect the authentic essence of Morocco. Choose between two charming color variations that perfectly match your style and between three different sizes that adapt to your needs.

Choose authenticity, choose quality and choose the unique charm of our Riccio Bowl. Add this stunning handcrafted piece to your cart today and discover how one simple item can completely transform your home environment.

Made by hand, every difference is synonymous with authenticity.

Small ø20 cm, Medium ø25 cm, Large ø30 cm


Not suitable for the dishwasher

Handmade in Morocco

Tote Bag Offert
For any order over 100€, receive a Mediteranea canvas tote bag.

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